evasion schemes exposed

The following are examples of Evasion Duty Schemes:

  1. Offer from a chinese producer of steel wire garment hangers to a prospective U.S. improter:

    "Attachment is our price list (for Shanghai), please find it. We have two ways to ship containers to US. One is from Taiwan, the transport charge is $4200.00 per container. Another is from Mataysia, the transport charge is $3200 pet container, but the shipping date will be much longer than from Taiwan,"

  2. offer from a chinese producer of steel wire garment hangers to a U.S. distributor:

    "Our facility is located at Jiaxing city, which is very near Shanghai, China. Attached is our quotation, which is based on FOB Shanghai. We also provide different price terms for our clients. Now we are doing FOD and OOU for our most orders. If you think the duly from China is a bit higher, we also can do DDP for you, which is transfer via another country. By doing this, the duty will be only 0-3% Although the freight will charge a bit more, it finally can save money for our client"

  3. offer from a U.S. importer of chinese innersprings:

    "It was pleasure to talk with you on the phone. Per our conversations I am attached a file for spring spec. Also I attached about anti dumping matter news. Currently I ship all materials from HK and there is no problems. Please let me know which products you need it."

  4. internet offer from a chinese shipping agent company:

    "If you import goods from China (cheaper price and the labor force), you must have the high duty trouble because of the antidumping, but now we can ship the goods to your country with no duty, it is called the transit trading in the third country. First, we will ship the goods to the Singapore or Malaysia, we have some partner in there, they will help us do every documents. ..Second, we will change the container, and then will order your country shipment, it can avoid the high duty. This is the only way to avoid the antidumping."