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Evading antidumping and countervailing duties – a violation of U.S. law – is not a free trade issue. It is a rule of law issue and, as with any of our laws, the laws at our borders must be enforced. Allowing any party – manufacturers, importers, or distributors, U.S. or foreign – to deliberately skirt our laws is contrary to the most fundamental principles of our legal system, erodes confidence in our laws, and undermines our ability to rely on the commitments our trading partners have made.

The affected U.S. industries have followed the law. Two different government agencies have conducted full, transparent investigations and ruled in their favor, imposing special duties on unfairly traded imports. Despite this, unscrupulous U.S. importer and foreign exporters purposely act to evade these duties, in direct violation of U.S. law. It's that simple.

Our laws must be respected, followed, and enforced. This is not a matter of trade policy – it is a matter of fundamental fairness.